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Optimal PH value

Low EC value

Eco Friendly

Fresh water rinsed

About Us

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At best cocopith, produces the best guaranteed products at the best quality. Based in Missouri, the United States, we have our subsidiary company in India as well.  The company is more than just wood for luthiers and woodworkers. We manufacture Coco peat or Coco pith with the fine quality fibres of coconut husks from southern India, where the coconut production is extensive. 

Unlike the traditional alternative growing mediums like soil, compost or vermiculite, coco peats retain moisture as it can hold water 7-8 times its weight and eliminates excess water, is sterile and is free from hazardous pathogens and pests. Coco peat being naturally anti- fungal, it is sustainable as well as reusable upto 5 years. It is used as an ingredient in potting soil to improve the moisture retention capacity and buffering capacity as coco peat is mostly tolerant to pH variations of the potting soil. It also improves the soil aeration, allowing the roots to breath.

We provide a 100% organic, super quality Coco peat at the best wholesale price available in the market. We support a high efficient production in our own warehouses with highly equipped machinery which will be delivered at the right time to your doorstep. We customise as per your request since we love to see you happy and satisfied.